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"Established in 1992, Creative Newtech Limited (NSE: ‘CREATIVE’) stands as a trailblazer in delivering cutting-edge products that offer an immersive experience, showcasing a diverse portfolio of globally trusted brands. We have secured a prominent market position in Fast Moving Social-Media Gadgets (FMSG), Fast Moving Consumer Technology (FMCT), Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG), and Enterprise Business (EB), presenting a comprehensive 360-degree array of the world's premier brands.

Pioneering the Brand Licensing and Contract Manufacturing business model, we capitalize on modern approaches, advanced skills, and superior design quality. Since 2016, our exclusive partnership with Honeywell has redefined product distribution in India and 38 other markets, reviving the 'Power of Connect' among customers.

Our simple business philosophy and unwavering commitment to work ethics narrate the true story of Creative Newtech Limited: Elevating Global Brands, Redefining Markets. As architects of change, we propel cutting-edge solutions into untapped markets, shaping a future where technology seamlessly intertwines with everyday life. Innovation, Integrity, and Ideas aren't just buzzwords—they are imprinted in the foundation of our company. At Creative Newtech, we don't follow the path; we carve it, guiding our partners and clients toward a horizon defined by pioneering ideas and effortless technological advancements."

Our Vision for Brands

We assure our world-class brand partners that as an established Modern Retail and E-commerce Market-Entry Specialist in India, Middle East and other markets, we will leverage our experience, expertise and knowledge of local markets to enable best customer experience and business outcomes for their products and services thereby enhancing their topline.

Our Vision for Dealers

We assure our partners that we will use our goodwill, expertise and influence to introduce world-class brands across categories into their portfolios. The Company will also support the partners in leveraging their market positioning and enhancing their bottom line.


  • Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (Importer & Exporter)
  • Three Star House
  • ISO 9001:2015
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